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Frishman Hollow II

Coming Soon!    Fall 2021 Grand Opening!

Our interest list is growing quickly! We would like to keep you informed as a prospective member of the Frishman Hollow Phase II Community so make sure to register today! Just select "Contact Us" on our website and complete a few short questions.

The second phase of Frishman Hollow is being developed in response to continued strong demand for affordable rental housing in Truckee.

Frishman Hollow Phase II apartments are designed to be affordable for households earning below 60% of the Area’s Median Income at the time of move-in. And, some apartments allow for higher income levels while other apartments will be priced to be even more affordable for households with lower incomes.

Income limits apply at the time of initial screening and qualification. These limits are updated periodically. Once income qualified, generally a household will remain income qualified. Review the Criteria for Residency on our website to see if you qualify, and feel free to contact us for additional details.

Household Income limits applicable to occupant households who assume residency during 2021 are estimated as follows:

Number of Occupants
Maximum Annual Income
1$30,100 – 48,160
2$34,400 – 55,040
3$38,700 – 61,920
4$43,000 – 68,800
5$46,450 – 74,320
6$49,900 – 79,840
7$53,350 – 85,360
8$56,800 – 90,880

The actual processing of applications will begin as we move closer to the late-Spring 2021 opening of the community. We will do our best to be in touch with those registered on the waiting list within 10 days of registering and then every 30 days thereafter.

Help us prepare for a quick approval of your application! Please consider maintaining copies of paperwork attesting to your sources of recurring income, as well as any paperwork you might have regarding your bank accounts. Do not make these important personal documents available to anyone at this time. However, by having these available, you will have a tremendous head-start on being approved for the home you have been searching for!


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